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Annette (my wife) and I on the cliffs of Moher in Ireland


I am Frank Granshaw; a community college earth science instructor, the sole proprietor of a small publishing company, and a geologist.

In addition to all of these vocational roles I am a native of the Pacific Northwest, something of a traveler, a tinkerer, a little bit of a computer nerd, and a great lover of mountains and open space. 


Personal Links

Artemis Science - My company, where I develop earth science curriculum, educational web sites, and produce earth science related graphics, animations, and simulations.

My faculty page at Portland Community College

Glacier Change in the North Cascades National Park Complex, Washington State USA, 1958-1998 - The complete text of my thesis in pdf format.

Glacier Change in the Upper Skagit River Basin - An educational web about glaciers and glacier change in the Upper Skagit River Basin of Washington State and British Columbia. Coauthored with Andrew Fountain (Portland State University Department of Geography and Geology). Project funded by Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission, with support from North Cascades National Park, Lower British Columbia Provincial Parks, and Okanagan National Forest.

Virtual Tour of McMurdo Dry Valleys - A tour of a McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica. A place where Andrew Fountain and Portland State University graduate students Thomas Nylen and Robin Johnson are currently doing research. Site designed in cooperation with Andrew Fountain.

PCC Earth Science Resource Page - A resource page designed to help community college students taking earth science quickly find useful resources on the World Wide Web. I use this page as part of my teaching at Portland Community College.

My email < > and my Resume

Links to Institutions and Groups I am Involved with

Portland Community College - The college I teach at.

Portland State University Geology Department - The university I do curriculum development and research with.

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